ANNE MURARO Art and lifestyle expert IN Paris

A unique, exclusive, unforgettable experience of Parisian art, luxury and lifestyle

ART IS MY PASSION and my life I’m french, 44, art historian, graduate (in 1994) from prestigious Ecole du Louvre: a unique school located inside the Louvre since 1882, where all the teachers are curators in french museums. I began working in a contemporary art gallery for 4 years as an assistant. Then I worked for 7 years for La FIAC (the international art fair based in Paris) for VIPs business club. In the meantime I started to give tours in 1999 in Europe for french upscale-groups : going to London, Amsterdam, Bilbao, Venice, Madrid, Barcelona… I also began giving art lectures (in french and english) for seniors about the main art exhibitions in Paris and London… I started to work in 2000 for all Palace Hotels in Paris (Ritz, Meurice, Bristol, Plaza Athenee, 
Crillon, Four Season-George V) for vips and guests. From 2000 to 2011 I worked in the major parisian museums (Louvre-Orsay-Pompidou Center...) 
for private events with museums friends, great donors and sponsors. I, myself, collect contemporay art, tribal art and old drawings. My fiancé, Edwart Vignot, art historian, artist and author, is a specialist of Géricault and Delacroix, also collector of Old Masters Drawings. My best friends are artists, collectors and art dealers of tribal art, contemporay art, antiques... So I can say art is my life !