ANNE MURARO Art and lifestyle expert IN Paris

A unique, exclusive, unforgettable experience of Parisian art, luxury and lifestyle

People Who they are: Liam Neeson, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert Downey Junior, Eva Mendes, Brian Grazer, Kobe Bryant, Eli Manning, Denise Richard, Richie Sambora, Jade Jagger, Chuck Liddle, KPMG CEO' s spouses, the family of the president of United Emirates (Al Nahyan), Baron François Xavier de Sambucy de Sorgue, Brad Bessey (TV producer, Entertainment tonight...), Jon Tisch (CEO Loewe hotels), Jeff Zucker (president of CNN worldwide), Stuart Fraser (Vice Chaiman and partner Cantor and Fitzgerald) ... I work also with several US and french private luxury Conciergeries, and US travel agencies Virtuoso Members.